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Range Cart


We are ready to offer the carts for pre-order. There are three options available, Pre-Order, Deposit and Reserve. This is for the complete cart with the features listed in the previous post. The individual accessories will be added soon.

Pre-Order will be for the full amount. With this option, there will be a $25 discount and a free aluminum reloading tray included. When the carts are ready to ship, we will contact you with the shipping amount.

Deposit will be an upfront charge of $225. This option will include a free aluminum reloading tray as well. The remaining amount of $250 plus shipping will be due when the carts are ready to ship.

Reserve is just $25 up front. This option is to help us better size the initial production run. The remaining $450 plus shipping will be due when the carts are ready to ship.

As the carts are finished, the orders will be fulfilled  in the order of Pre-Order, Deposit then Reserve.  We are estimating 8-10 weeks for this first run. Progress will be posted regularly on Facebook.



We have set pricing on the carts at $475. Right now we would like to see what kind of serious interest there is in these. The initial batch would have a (edit) 8-10 weeks lead due to getting some of our external suppliers lead times. After we have some idea of how many serious buyers we will proceed further. Thank you

If interested, please contact us directly or post on our Facebook.


Stainless Steel Tubing

Vertical Rifle Holder

Vertical Scope Stand Holder

Folding Top Shelf/Backrest

Rear Shelf

Handle Quick Release with adjustable handle height, ~3-4" range

14" Flat-Free tires with proper geometry for a level stool

Stool height ~19.5" to clear most full size truck beds with cover

No sheet metal screws used anywhere

The shooting stool bag is not included. The stool is compatible with the high quality bags already available.

We are currently working on a tubular frame range cart. Check back as updates are posted. Below are a couple of renderings from the CAD model.


Extended Axle Kit

This kit includes two clamp on brackets to replace the brackets included with popular cart conversion kits. It relocates the axle rearward to mimic the location of a dedicated tubular cart. This solves the issue with your cart tipping over. It is compatible with the axle and wheels supplied with your current cart conversion kit.

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